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Making It Work For You


Most of Charanga’s music team are current or former teachers, so the company understands what you do and how important it is to lead with your own personal approach, using the resources you’ve created and collated over time.

Charanga gives you the means to try out new things with the children that may enhance their learning experience or give you new ideas.

the platform’s main personalisation features enable you to:

  • Upload your own resources
  • Build lessons, units and courses
  • Create Student Groups
  • Share practice materials with students for them to use online between lessons

Find out more in Charanga’s Platform section.

Using Charanga Offline

While classroom teachers tend to use Charanga online, we know that, as a visiting instrumental teacher, you sometimes don’t have access to the internet when in school or teaching in small rooms without a whiteboard – which is why Charanga has developed an app that can be used on any device, enabling you to download any materials you want to use when teaching and access them offline.